Musik Messe 2009 - Can hardly wait!

Alright folks, it is that time again to for every music geek and gadget aficionado to head to Frankfurt for some nice sausages and some good gear ogling.

This annual trade show is the melting pot where international small folks and big wigs all come together to show case their latest and greatest offerings in the music industry.

And that means of course that controllers and related things can't be far behind. But of course, all the recent big releases - Stanton SC system, NS7, APC40, etc. have already been unveiled. So it remains to be seen if there are more controllers that everyone simply forgot about. Even the Otus is out from EKS.

Anyway, that is no reason for everyone to give this thing a miss. You are all forgetting the software giants of the music industry.

Serato has called a press conference for a big announcement. Well, that of course might sound like - "yeah yeah what ever...." but let me tell you that Serato doesn't usually call press conferences unless it is really important. So expect something big from them.

Also, Abletong has something to unveil and everyone is almost sure that it is the new Live 8. Of course, that might not be it at all.

If you have been following the industry recently, you would know that Serato made an announcement in the last quarter of last year, saying that it had teamed up with Ableton. While they did not reveal any other detail, it had the whole scene sitting up and taking notice.

So this might be something to do with that as well. What ever it is, you are sure to have more software to go with your latest MIDI Controller real estate.

Stay tuned to receive updates as more info comes my direction. This could be a yummy end to the first quarter of this year. Man, I'm getting hungry already!

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