And we're back in business

 Okay, so that's not me or my cat but that is sort of how I feel :P, Image credit: Sappymoosetree

Yes, I know I have not been posting for a long time. Professional obligations insisted that I spend most of my waking hours hacking away at the keyboard in a zombie-like manner. But now that I have more or less broken even, I am catching up on my music and my gear-lust for the latest in midi controllers.

I am also thinking of moving this blog to a WordPress one. What do you guys think? It will give you more features for navigating and searching through the blog. And it will be more cool looking of course! :D

Incidentally, do you like this template? or should I change to a simpler one? Let me know through the comments section. I moderate everything personally here, so you are guaranteed a response (eventually, from a sleep depp'd me :P ).

Till later!