Livid Instruments Brings Out Block MIDI Controller

Not sure if all you guys have seen this yet, so I am posting about it. Towards the ned of last month, Livid Instruments (those really great guys who made the Ohm64 controller), unveiled the Block MIDI Controller for interactive audio performance. This is basically like the Akai APC 40 or the Novation Launchpad and has a matrix of light up buttons, two faders and 8 pots. Looks like it is pretty solidly built and is really portable. It also looks like something that can easily be used with Ableton Live. What say?

As you might know, Livid Instruments folks lean towards live video performance and hence this is integrated with the Cell DNA video software as you can see in the video below. This new interface is meant to be something as minimal as the monome and (hopefully) as versatile. Lemme know if any of you have checked it out. Would love to hear what you think about it.

Check out the Block controlling Ableton Live

Word from Livid Instruments: -
Block is a compact and programmable MIDI control surface designed for interactive audio performance. Built on the same bi-directional and adaptable platform as the Ohm64, Block provides a powerful interface for creating and interacting with sound in a small easy-to-transport body. Sixty four backlight led buttons provide endless possibilities for visual feedback with the instrument by connecting it to Ableton Live, Max/Msp, our open source sounds apps, or any other software that supports MIDI. The open source blockEditor application lets you reprogram any of the controller's sixty four clip buttons, eight knobs, two faders, and seven function buttons. Block is hand crafted from lightweight wood and aluminum for easy portability.

Block has bi-directional talkback communication allowing the controller to talk to your software, and software to your device. MIDI messages can be sent to the Block to light up the buttons for an interactive performance. Completely programable and mappable, block provides a flexible control surface that be used with any software or setup. Completely USB powered means you don’t have to worry about adapters and and power strips, and it is plug and play so no drivers are required.


A compact and lightweight design lets you slip this controller into your backpack. Plug it into your computer's USB, and you are powered to play. more>

Block is completely plug and play and USB powered. This means you don’t need drivers to use it and it works with a single USB cable. more>

Reprogrammable buttons with LED talkback provides visual feedback by sending MIDI commands back to the controller. more>

A growing collection of open source sound applications and utilities provide a wide range of uses and endless customization. more>

Home Grown
All of our controllers are handcrafted by artists with care in our Austin, Texas shop. more>

Technical specifications and details of the of the block controller. more>