MPK88 Keyboard MIDI Controller In Stores Now

Those who want a solid, travel-ready keyboard MIDI controller that has full 88 hammer action keys at an affordable price - the AKAI MPK88 is going at a reasonable price now that it is finally here.

Other than the fact that owning the MPK49 has really made me like the entire line, I also know that the other keyboard controllers (edrirol's, m-audio's) pale in comparison. I have tried them all out and I have come to the same conclusion. The MPK88 also has 16pads (4x4) instead of 12pads (4x3). The rest is more or less the same, with the same great build quality. And both the customizability and the ability to change almost everything on-the-fly is something that I really appreciate. Makes it a breeze to use it with different DAWs and all.

I really like my MPK, you can tell can't you?

It is selling for $799 at Musician's Friend, Zzounds and W&B. The last one has a lowest price guarantee, so you can check them out.