Maschine Turns 1.1

Heads up people, NI has just released the Maschine 1.1 Update. Maschine is a new wave hardware/software combo that allows you to use your laptop like an MPC through a hardware controller. But there are quite a few advantages to Maschine that you will not get with the MPC machines and that has mainly to do with the flexibility that software tools have.

Anyway, I would've gone on to describe the the 1.1 version but this three part video series from its makers do a far better job. So Ima let 'em finish ;).

PS - nearly forgot to tell you that it is available (the update that is) for free to all Maschine Users From The NI wesbite. Check it out here - yee haw!

PPS - Found a cool video of the Maschine in Live action. (last video was, erm... sorry about that one!)