Moog Releases Multi-pedal OS 2.0 DV and MIDI Controller

Want to go really high-end with your footwork? Try this foot pedal on for size. The super foto control gadget - the MP-201 Multi-Pedal CV and MIDI Controller from Moog has received an software upgrade. It is now on OS 2.0. Supports MIDI to CV conversions, has loopable envelope generators and more. Full details of the brand new awesomeness can be found at

From Moog: -

Introducing Multi-Pedal OS 2.0

There’s good news for all you control freaks out there. Moog’s mighty Multi-Pedal has received a major software upgrade. OS 2.0 adds a host of new features that cements the Multi-Pedal’s position as the premier Analog, MIDI and USB Control Hub.

Connect, Control & Create with MP-201 Multi-Pedal.

Multi-Pedal Quick Start Guide
Hit the ground running with these basic Multi-Pedal applications

Multi-Pedal Power
An overview for power-users

Multi-Pedal - Basic Moogerfooger Applications
Control your Moogerfooger pedal board

Multi-Pedal - Basic MIDI Applications
Control your MIDI effects, Moogerfoogers and more


Motu Releases Ultralite MK3 Hybrid USB2.0/FireWire Portable Audio Interface

Just the other day I was thinking about getting a new audio interface for my old MacBook. But then I realized that if I buy a new quad-core iMac next year like I am planning to, I should probably for USB2.0 interfaces.

Problem is that my MacBook has a FireWire 400 port and the new iMacs have only one FW800 port and multiple USB2.0 ports. So I was looking at all sorts of convertible cable debates online. And now I notice that Motu had released this!

It is a hybrid version of their extremely popular UltraLite mk3 Firewire Interface. It is a small and portable interface that is built to last. I am seriously thinking about buying this. Let's see what happens.

MPK88 Keyboard MIDI Controller In Stores Now

Those who want a solid, travel-ready keyboard MIDI controller that has full 88 hammer action keys at an affordable price - the AKAI MPK88 is going at a reasonable price now that it is finally here.

Other than the fact that owning the MPK49 has really made me like the entire line, I also know that the other keyboard controllers (edrirol's, m-audio's) pale in comparison. I have tried them all out and I have come to the same conclusion. The MPK88 also has 16pads (4x4) instead of 12pads (4x3). The rest is more or less the same, with the same great build quality. And both the customizability and the ability to change almost everything on-the-fly is something that I really appreciate. Makes it a breeze to use it with different DAWs and all.

I really like my MPK, you can tell can't you?

It is selling for $799 at Musician's Friend, Zzounds and W&B. The last one has a lowest price guarantee, so you can check them out.

Livid Instruments Brings Out Block MIDI Controller

Not sure if all you guys have seen this yet, so I am posting about it. Towards the ned of last month, Livid Instruments (those really great guys who made the Ohm64 controller), unveiled the Block MIDI Controller for interactive audio performance. This is basically like the Akai APC 40 or the Novation Launchpad and has a matrix of light up buttons, two faders and 8 pots. Looks like it is pretty solidly built and is really portable. It also looks like something that can easily be used with Ableton Live. What say?

As you might know, Livid Instruments folks lean towards live video performance and hence this is integrated with the Cell DNA video software as you can see in the video below. This new interface is meant to be something as minimal as the monome and (hopefully) as versatile. Lemme know if any of you have checked it out. Would love to hear what you think about it.

Check out the Block controlling Ableton Live

Word from Livid Instruments: -
Block is a compact and programmable MIDI control surface designed for interactive audio performance. Built on the same bi-directional and adaptable platform as the Ohm64, Block provides a powerful interface for creating and interacting with sound in a small easy-to-transport body. Sixty four backlight led buttons provide endless possibilities for visual feedback with the instrument by connecting it to Ableton Live, Max/Msp, our open source sounds apps, or any other software that supports MIDI. The open source blockEditor application lets you reprogram any of the controller's sixty four clip buttons, eight knobs, two faders, and seven function buttons. Block is hand crafted from lightweight wood and aluminum for easy portability.

Block has bi-directional talkback communication allowing the controller to talk to your software, and software to your device. MIDI messages can be sent to the Block to light up the buttons for an interactive performance. Completely programable and mappable, block provides a flexible control surface that be used with any software or setup. Completely USB powered means you don’t have to worry about adapters and and power strips, and it is plug and play so no drivers are required.


A compact and lightweight design lets you slip this controller into your backpack. Plug it into your computer's USB, and you are powered to play. more>

Block is completely plug and play and USB powered. This means you don’t need drivers to use it and it works with a single USB cable. more>

Reprogrammable buttons with LED talkback provides visual feedback by sending MIDI commands back to the controller. more>

A growing collection of open source sound applications and utilities provide a wide range of uses and endless customization. more>

Home Grown
All of our controllers are handcrafted by artists with care in our Austin, Texas shop. more>

Technical specifications and details of the of the block controller. more>

And we're back in business

 Okay, so that's not me or my cat but that is sort of how I feel :P, Image credit: Sappymoosetree

Yes, I know I have not been posting for a long time. Professional obligations insisted that I spend most of my waking hours hacking away at the keyboard in a zombie-like manner. But now that I have more or less broken even, I am catching up on my music and my gear-lust for the latest in midi controllers.

I am also thinking of moving this blog to a WordPress one. What do you guys think? It will give you more features for navigating and searching through the blog. And it will be more cool looking of course! :D

Incidentally, do you like this template? or should I change to a simpler one? Let me know through the comments section. I moderate everything personally here, so you are guaranteed a response (eventually, from a sleep depp'd me :P ).

Till later!

Native Instruments Kontrol X1 DJ Controller

Native Instruments is really having a go at the digital DJ with their various products. Not to mention the fact that they are also making waves in the electronic producer circuits with products like Maschine and Komplete suite of virtual instruments and tools.

Their Traktor DJ-ing software is now more or less standard amongst DJs world over and gives serious competition to Serato's Scratch and and ITCH with more versatility and sophistications, especially since Traktor Pro was released and updated.

So now they have gone ahead and made a dedicated midi controller for Traktor users and are calling it Kontrol X1. They developed it with Traktor's favorite poster boy Richie Hawtin. This product has been in development for a long time and even though both NI and Hawtin were pretty much mum about details, the thing has been spied and leaked multiple times over. Now we finally have the official take, so enjoy!

From Vestax: -
From the makers of TRAKTOR comes TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 - the first official TRAKTOR controller for use with any DJ software. Whether you are a DVS timecode or software DJ, simply connect the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 to a computer running TRAKTOR (or other performance software) and gain instant control of your decks and effect parameters. Robust rotary knobs with a heavy-duty feel and backlit buttons provide precise visual and tactile status feedback- letting you delve deep inside TRAKTOR without having to touch your computer.

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 features a total of 30 buttons, 4 push encoders and 8 knobs arranged in the following sections:

8 high resolution potentiometers and 8 buttons make up the effect section of TRAKTOR KONTROL X1. This section allows control of all the parameters of 2 TRAKTOR effect units simultaneously. In Chained mode, this means simultaneous control over 3 effects per deck. The effects section buttons are programmed to give direct access to 3 of your favorite effect presets.

One push encoder per deck is dedicated to browsing through play lists and loading tracks. Simply turn the push encoder to find the track you want, and push it to load it into the corresponding deck. Once the track is loaded the same encoders seek through the track, using tempo sync'd beat jumps to remain in time.

This section allows for intuitive control of TRAKTOR's loop function, giving clear visual feedback about the loop status via LEDs. The section offers first level access to auto loops and manual loops as well as loop editing functions such as loop size and loop position, both coarse and fine.

This section provides direct access to basic playback controls as well as shifted access to 8 secondary functions for each deck. All buttons for industry standard workflows (Play, Sync, Cue + Cup) are located here. Switch to hotcue mode and you get another 16 buttons for controlling the 8 hot cues or hot loops per track. Plus, the CUP button flashes in time with the deck's BPM as an added visual mix aid.

Use TouchOSC To Control Ableton, Natasha Shows You How

iPhone TouchOSC: Natasha and the Reject from Natasha and the Reject on Vimeo.

This is a video by Natasha and the Reject, using the TouchOSC app as an OSC to MIDI Controller for Ableton Live.
Sourced via Synthopia

Maschine Turns 1.1

Heads up people, NI has just released the Maschine 1.1 Update. Maschine is a new wave hardware/software combo that allows you to use your laptop like an MPC through a hardware controller. But there are quite a few advantages to Maschine that you will not get with the MPC machines and that has mainly to do with the flexibility that software tools have.

Anyway, I would've gone on to describe the the 1.1 version but this three part video series from its makers do a far better job. So Ima let 'em finish ;).

PS - nearly forgot to tell you that it is available (the update that is) for free to all Maschine Users From The NI wesbite. Check it out here - yee haw!

PPS - Found a cool video of the Maschine in Live action. (last video was, erm... sorry about that one!)

Novation Launchpad finally available

If you have been looking forward to this fantastic alternative to the APC 40, your wait is finally over. This beauty has hit the stores earlier this month and the user verdicts have been pouring in -- it's a hit! Also, looks like people have been hacking away at it too! Check out this video.

Vestax Ships TR-1 Traktor MIDI Controller

Vestax has developed yet another laptop friendly USB midi controller for Traktor. If you want a feel that matches professional Vestax Mixers, this looks like the perfect controller to use. Features no jog wheels or all that, just sheer practicality and build quality. Does not contain a soundcard though. It has been available since 2 Nov '09.

Official Word From Vestax:-

The TR-1 is a compact, user-friendly controller designed to emulate the touch and feel of a traditional DJ mixer while providing the features and usability that professionals demand in a laptop-based system.

Working directly with Watanabe over 2-1/2 years, the Vestax design team has created an easy-to-use, compact and logical design with an array of faders, switches and rotary controllers tuned to combine the natural touch of a DJ mixer with the advanced functionality offered by Native Instruments Traktor software. By merging ease of use with advanced software command, the TR-1 offers new creative possibilities for computer-based DJs.

The TR-1 features seamless command of Traktor Pro software for control of up to four laptops through two program channels. Key features include soft-push switches and smooth 60mm slide faders for high-precision mixing, with an adjustable Input Fader curve to adapt to any mixing style. A new Shift switch feature allows the user to customize control functions by assigning a second command to a single button.

All standard controls are present and accounted for – tempo faders with pitch bend, three-band EQ with pan on both sides, back and forward cue controls, dual effects loops per side, and more. And connectivity is USB-easy.

The Vestax TR-1 comes bundled with Native Instruments Traktor LE software, can command over 160 parameters right out of the box, including live signal processing effects, beat matching, loop programming, filter sweeping and EQ sweetening in real time. Both the TR-1 and Traktor LE software are compatible with both Windows (XP, Vista) and Mac (OS 10.4 or higher) operating systems. Please see our website for full details on minimum system requirements.

Visually, the TR-1 feature's the traditional Vestax white gold faceplate and knobs, housed in a compact, road-tough chassis design that ensures reliability on tour. Hardware features include adjustable brightness of the surface's LED lights for adaptability to any working conditions, and all control knobs are ergonomically designed for easy grabbing and smooth, noise-free adjustment.

Vestax And Djay Software Makers Make New MIDI Controller

If you are a fan of the Djay software for Mac OS, you will love this new controller. Vestax and DJay together bring you a new controller Called Spin. Made to look like the VCI series, this is definitely part of a family of heavy duty controllers.

For those who don't know, DJay is an easy to use software that is meant for bedroom DJs and casual users who are just looking to throw some tunes together. Features include full auto mode. superb iTunes integration and more.

Image taken from Djay Website.