Air Scratching - your answer to air guitaring!

...and it actually lets you scratch, unlike those crazy air guitarists!

3D Computer Interface from Free Flow on Vimeo.

So this is what the description on Vimeo says -

Utilizing the theory of electrostatics, we have designed a low-cost human-computer interface device that has the ability to track the position of a user's hand in three dimensions. Physical contact is not required and the user does not need to hold a controller or attach markers to their body. To control the device, the user simply waves their hand above it in the air.

 I had actually seen something similar with a Max/MSP genius scratching live video! I will try to see if I can search up that one. But this us amazing! I mean really, how many of you can actually swear that you have never, ever, done scratching moves in the air while listening to your favorite scratch dj or hip hop track. Heck, I have seen Linkin Park fans doing it! Anyway, this is really something!