A quick look at Deackadance 1.5

The battle for supremacy amongst the various Dj softwares is heating up now as Serato ITCh finally has the NS7 and Native Instruments has released a point upgrade for its Traktor Pro. Other than these two, there are varioud other softwares that are constantly vying for some attention (and failing miserably).

These would include Virtual DJ, MixVibes and a host of other wannabes. The MixVibes line actually has some potential but Virtual Dj is seriously... it looks to me like they have chosen to be a toy software and they will forever remain that way.

Compared to them, Deckadance has been around only for a while and it is already creating waves in the Dj-ing world. The folks and Imageline sure did some research before they made this because one of the pet peeves od digital Djs was that integrating a great software like Traktor into something like Live would be mind blowing. People came up with ways to do it but then it was only sound routing and it wasn't very efficient.

Out came Deckadance - with the capability to host VSTs and runs as one as well. This opened up a whole new side Djs had been craving for. But it is not easy to become something like Traktor Pro or SSL overnight. So Deckadance has been in beta and then out of Beta and people have been looking at it with expectations of it becoming much bigger. All in all, it is really very promising.

So with this upgrade, Deckadance has changed few things and fixed a few more. This version has a new time-stretch/compression technology and also has batch processing of tracks for reduced CPU load while you are mixing. It now has a manual beat grid mode which is a must for mixing complex beats.

There are versions for both Mac and PC and the pricing model look sreally tempting to say the least. Deckadance Club Edition ($179US) and Deckadance House Edition ($99US) are are being sold at Image Line's Web shop with a  20 percent off. An offder that endson June 20, 2009. Deckadance House Edition lacks the the DVS timecoded vinul/CD transport functions which the fully-functional Club Edition has.

Here are some more features that have been added in the new version: -

  • Added native support for the Vestax VCI-300 controller. Other natively-supported MIDI controllers include the Vestax VCI-100, Korg Zero4, Allen & Heath Xone:3D, DJ-Tech Kontrol One, Stanton SCS-3D, Hercules DJ Control Steel, EKS Otus, Omnitronic MMC-1 and DJ-Tech DJM-202
  • Option to switch between the old and new sound engine by the improved interface of the setup panel
  • Improved seek waveform that shows the start and cue points
  • OpenGl render engine for Windows
  • Unicode support for playlist/browser items
  • Beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform
  • Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled, etc.
  • Fully compatible with Open Labs DBeat portable DJ instruments