BCD3000 plus Traktor 3 - The things you can do! Conclusion

So yeah, you can do pretty much a lot of things with the BCD3000 MIDI controller. This is just a quick round up of the major things I do in Traktor 3 with the BCD.

Jumping right in now, you can set up the mapping so that once you hold down a key (ideally on your laptop keyboard because the controller is always short of keys), you switch to a different MIDI mapping page (Traktor allows for 3 in total). On this new page, you can map everything differently.

For example, I use my left jog wheel to browse up and down the browsing tree, use one of the EQ kill buttons to select the tree item. Then I use the right one to select the tracks and then i use the two side by side EQ kills buttons above it to put the highlighted track on either the left deck or the right.

You can also use your keyboard for shortcuts and I am sure you do but there are few ways you could make it better. As a digital Dj or a Live PA act, you need to remember a lot of shortcuts so it would be best if you mapped corresponding symbols. Let me explain this : -

For example i use the ',' and the '.' buttons to cycle through my channel effects. Why? Because when you see the buttons, the first thing you notice are '<' and '>'; being a human being, it makes it much easier to remember which buttom does what.

Here's another idea. I am sure most of you have played computer games and I am sure at some point manyof you have had to use the typical "AWSD" keys as movement keys. Well these can be brillian when you map them to your deck as deck selection. With the movement thing burned in to my head, it is easy to remember that 'a' is for keft and 'd' is for right. Also, when I hold down the shift key and press either 'a' or 'd'; the selected track is loaded to the corresponding deck. So this is pretty easy.

I have got many such shortcuts litterred around and these kind of associations help me remember my keys.

So that's brings me to the end of my chattering on and on about the BCD. If you have things to add, do mention it in the comment. If I have enough ideas, I will add another post to this series, with your names of course!

Keep it controlling it! (yep, I still haven't figured out a catch phrase!)

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