You have had your Reason to Refill and Now you get to Record!

Alright you guys, this is quite big! How big? Well Logic/Pro Tools etc meets Reason BIG! How many of you out there have been working simultaneously on some DAW and have had Reason on Rewire? Well this, looks like your answer to it all! if it is good enough that is, truth is, no one knows yet!

That's because it goes in to Beta today and it will released worlwide on Spetember 9 this year. But we do have pictures to savour!

This is obviously the arrangement area. Reminds me of pro tools more than anything else. but every DAW has an area like this and they look similar to each other. So far, I am sold on Logic 8!
If you have ever used Reason, you will know exactly what this is - it is Reason's Record's emulation of the patching bay of a hardware setup, meant to make it easier for hardware users.

One thing I am noticing is that Record has two racks side by side. Saw it in the patch bay picture too.  I have to check this out in further detail. Expect Updates soon.

Ah, the mixer and arrangement areas. Oh so familiar. I wonder how good Record will be. If it has as good MIDI sequencing as Logic, I am sold! But I have often wanted to work directly inside Reason instead of running two apps (and so have millions of other users I am sure!). Propellerheads - fellas, you are on my radar for high alert!

And finallythe mixer area. Look like Reason got in to bed with Pro Tools and had one very steamy session! :P This looks delish! Alright, I am so finding out as much as I can about this. Stay tuned you guys!

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