The Propellerheads Teaser - Somebody pass me a calming pill!

Okay folks, I was not planning to start posting here again in this manner, but sometimes your hands are tied! Propellerheads has brought out this teasing video about something new that has everyone raving about it, but no one is telling WHAT THE HECK IS IT?!!! Well, I suppose that the whole idea behind sending out a teaser, but at least this is a lot better than Stanton's 'DaScratch' Attempt!!! It was seriously - pathetic!

Anyway, more on this as news is released. It seems like there will be a Producers' Conference starting soon, so we will hear more deatails as time goes by. I just hope the reactions were genuine 'coz I sure am curious about this!

Anyway, am aiming to be more regular here. Stay tuned!