BCD3000 plus Traktor 3 - The things you can do! Part 2

So getting back to the topic, I also use my BCD 3000 plus Traktor setup to scratch the hell out of the poor thing. It is quite abusive actually but I did a brieft stint as the DJ of a Nu-Metal band that covered stuff like Slipknot and had some originals too. So there, I had to scratch.

This would really amuse a lot of DJs out there but believe me - I could not afford the turntable+mixer setup and make my own battle records even if sold all my possesions. So I had no choice really and love to scratch! Rhythm is strong in me.

So I used the Jog Wheel and the cross fader and some how made do. It wasn't too bad but forget two-click or three click flares with these things! Heck, some say even DVS is not as good! My personal jury is still out on that one!

So to do this, you need to set up the thing just right, but the problem is that when you get the proper accuracy, you absilutely must have a low acceleration or else it all goes for a spin, literally! So i set up my left side jog with 1% acceleration with about 70% sensitivity for scratching and the right had more accelertation for giving me a proper one round spin when I hit it properly.

This took care of my scratching needs for a while. But then I realised that I need a sharper curve on my crossfader (yes, a stroke of genius!) so had to adjust that. Well for this you need to adjust the curve from the panel instead of the drop down menus on the mixer corners themselves because it did not work for me for some reason.

To do this, look for the panel called 'Master'. If it is not there on your set up, look for it by right clicking and pulling up the panels menu. Once you are there, you will see the little bar you drag with the CFC on it. Drag to the extreme right (your right) for the sharpest curve and vice-versa.

One thing to have in the mapping is the shift element which makes your controls do more things. More about this in part 3!